Deluded Man Still Pretty Sure Overwatch Will Kill League

This week, Nerfwire scheduled an exclusive pity interview with local gamer Max Brampton, a phenomenally lost and deluded soul who still earnestly believes that Blizzard’s FPS Overwatch will spell the death of Riot’s exceptionally popular MOBA League of Legends.

League Of Legends, as franchises go, is really, really big, and not exact going anywhere. World Championship viewership hits new records year by year, and huge sponsors are eager to partner with Riot in any way they can. 

“No, actually, it’s a lot easier to watch than you think it is,” Max tells us, gesturing towards a teamfight, a complete blur of colors and projectiles. We’re positioned in his basement, watching one of his many recorded Overwatch League (OWL) matches. “See, look. That’s a Mei wall. You can make it out when they hit that angle, see?” 

Brampton goes on to explain that Overwatch does truly have it all when it comes to the competitive scene: games happen on multiple maps, not just one, and Blizzard’s crumbling business ethics are sure to fast track matches directly to ESPN with commercial breaks between each payload checkpoint.

When our reporter expresses doubt towards this fact, and mentions that Overwatch has seen dwindling player count since its heyday years prior, Brampton seems annoyed for a moment before snapping, “Yeah? How long does it take you to load into a League game? Because in Overwatch, quick play only takes thirteen minutes on weekends.”

Deciding we’d heard enough about Sigma, or whoever the hell the newest champion is (we really spaced out while Max was talking), we begin to exit the basement.

“No,” Brampton proclaims, nodding towards two keyboards set up across from him. “You don’t get to leave until you experience what true competitive Overwatch is like.”

Luckily, it was incredibly easy to physically overpower Brampton and our reporter left freely.

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