Dark_Fate56 Concerned Opponents Will Be Too Intimidated To Play Against Him

Considering that he would at least like to face some sort of challenge in multiplayer scenarios, local gamer Douglas “Dark_Fate56” Farraday voiced concern this morning that his chosen name may intimidate opponents so severely that they refuse to face him in the field of battle. An investigation was made into whether this could really be the case, beginning with an inquiry posed to local friends regarding names that were strong and firm while still seeming slightly more accommodating.

“Dark_Fate56 isn’t a bad name, but I think that it really calls the reader towards their future, and makes them only see despair,” says friend and dungeon master Stephen Barrett. “So maybe when faced with the choice between a Dark_Fate and another fate, the reader will instead choose another fate; for when does one get to make that choice? I’d go with ‘BigBoyDoug’ like I recommended the first time, I still can’t believe it isn’t taken.”

Thought was also put into the character creation screen again, as Farraday was concerned that a character as masterfully crafted to look “this badass” might force him to lose the element of surprise. Thus, the decision was made to make the character into a scantily clad woman.

Other friends that were interviewed noted that the lack of explanation as to the number fifty-six further led to the confusion and fear opponents would feel when seeing the name on the screen, making it a slight boon that Dark_Fate69, Farraday’s first choice, had been taken. After much deliberation, the consensus was that while the username Dark_Fate56 would strike fear into most, perhaps paralyzingly so, it would filter out adversaries so that only worthy ones remained.

It was soon revealed, however, that Farraday was not very good at the game regardless.

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