Cyberpunk AF: CD Projekt Red Generously Gifts Mandatory Adderall To Entire Dev Team

CD Projekt Red, known for The Witcher 3, the much-anticipated release of Cyberpunk 2077, and for not knowing the difference between a C and a K, is as good as it gets for most gamers. 

Amongst a slew of publishers with greedy business ethics and micro-transaction laden games, the Poland-based studio has always set itself ahead of the rest. Today’s news is no different: in classic CD Projekt style, the company is once again looking out for the little guy by providing free Adderall to their employees to allow them to stay awake for the 20-hour workdays  preceding Cyberpunk 2077’s impending release.

“You’ll notice that a small blue pill bottle has been included in your company-mandated daily meal kits,” a leaked company notice reads. “Those who have had their caloric intake reduced as part of a prior disciplinary incident have received this pill bottle as well. The blue pill bottle contains immediate-release Adderall for your consumption when you are feeling tired or thinking of visiting loved ones outside of company visitation hours.”

The memo goes on to advise employees to ingest the drug nasally for maximum effect, and that taking the drug, or that the company had distributed the drug, fell under their twice-daily mandated signed non-disclosure agreement and could not be revealed to the public. 

The leaked memo has provoked a mixed reaction in the gaming community, with some calling foul on CD Projekt Red’s suggestion that their game developers resort to drug abuse in order to get through their infamous crunch period. Nerfwire would like to remind those that share this viewpoint that drugs are expensive, and it’s talk like that that’s going to get Cyberpunk delayed again.

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