Countdown: 3 Weeks Until Fall Guys Gets A Meta And Is No Longer Fun

A sullen reminder sits in the back of the head of every Fall Guys player this week as they pilot their mutant bean-people across absurd obstacles in search of crowns and glory—that while the game may be filled with fun and wild abandon now, the childlike wonder will soon be replaced with rigid competitive status quo as a meta falls into place.

Already there are sweaty mouthbreathers, and also GrandPooBear, working around the clock to find out the ideal method to get hit on the Whirlygig so they can win as much as possible and finally slay the feeling of non-competitive enjoyment that has loomed over Fall Guys.

“Yeah, we’ve been anticipating this for a while,” says Jamie Riding, director at Fall Guys’ dev studio Mediatonic. “Honestly, a month and a half is a good run. From this point onwards, we’re just going to focus on adding different bean people to the game with increasingly complicated skins and abilities, and then we’re going to buy a boat.”

The time rushes towards us when Fall Ball will become an exact science where every bean will become a miniature Ronaldo or Messi, leaving only those too ignorant to look up guides online in the darkness. Laughter and merriment will be slowly replaced with anger and frustration, as a 13-year-old Korean kid annihilates you in the Egg Scramble and dabs on your lifeless bean corpse.

Not all look upon this day with contempt: there is a small but devoted group of players who look forward to when Fall Guys is ruined by being solved. These players cannot wait for a day when ranked exists in a game that is meant to be dumb as hell, and make frequent calls for a voice or text chat system, so they can let other players know how worthless they are.

When asked about their future with the game, most gamers concluded that they’ll keep on playing the game for a significant amount of time after they stop enjoying it, always trying to chase the thrill of the first couple good hours.

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