Console Wars: Will The PlayStation 5 Be Able To Compete With The Gameboy SP?

Whenever a new console comes out, gamers are always excited to learn about their specs, and how they stack up to previous gaming devices. Nerfwire has the answers you are looking for: here’s how Sony’s new PlayStation stacks up to the Gameboy SP. 


The PS5 is really pushing the limits of console gaming with it’s AMD Zen-2 based CPU with 8 cores at 3.5 ghz. Additionally, the PS5’s GPU, a custom AMD RDNA unit provides 10.28 teraflops of power to the console’s visuals. This is a sizable increase in power from previous generations.

The Gameboy SP, on the other hand, is nothing to be scoffed at. Its 32-bit processor is capable of displaying 32,768 different colors. That’s over 32,767 colors. That’s a lot of crayons!

Internal Storage

Here’s where the Gameboy SP falls a little flat. The PlayStation 5 can store up to 825 GB in its internal SSD, while the Gameboy SP has no internal storage whatsoever. That being said, due to the PS5’s digital-only version, it will be harder than ever to steal Tanner’s copy of Pokémon Emerald from his locker and take his Rayquaza. 

Backwards Compatibility

The PS5 is backwards compatible with all digital PS4 titles, and select physical games. As of now, Sony is claiming that more than 99% of previous PS4 titles will be compatible with their new hardware. While that’s in an impressive figure, it still isn’t 100%. 

The Gameboy SP, on the other hand, is a backwards compatibility master. All Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy games work flawlessly with the Gameboy SP, because the Gameboy SP is a Gameboy Advance that folds. Speaking of folding:


One of the big advantages of the Gameboy SP is that you can take it on the go. In its current state, the PS5 is totally tethered to the TV and the power outlet, and from all of the footage Nerfwire has scoured of the new console, we can all but confirm that the PlayStation 5 will not be able to fold in half.

Internet Connectivity

For a modern console, internet connectivity is a given. While it may seem that the Gameboy SP’s lack of any internet connectivity at all would be its main downside, there are plenty of ways this console mitigates that issue. For example, while the Gameboy SP cannot support Netflix, there are portable videos available for the handheld. With a whole episode of SpongeBob in your pocket, you’ll be wondering why you pay for that data plan in the first place. You can also purchase a wireless link adapter that allows you to sometimes successfully connect to your friend’s Gameboy two feet away. Talk about a World Wide Web!


While the PS5 is definitely a monumental achievement in gaming, it doesn’t make any of the major advancements (folding) that would truly set it apart from the Gameboy SP yet. From game offerings to the raw power of the hardware, the Gameboy SP still represents the peak of gaming consoles. While we here at Nerfwire are certainly excited to see what the next generation of consoles has to offer, we know that we aren’t missing out on much as long as we have a Gameboy SP in our pockets, and in our hearts.

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