Claptrap Dies In New Borderlands, Just Keeps Talking

Great news for Borderlands fans! Everyone’s favorite fast-talking robot mascot is back in a new installment of the series, and even though he dies pretty early on, he just won’t stop talking!

Early development footage for the as-of-yet unnamed title shows that the perky one-eyed machine’s inevitable demise is a gruesome affair that leaves the player wondering: if Claptrap is a robot, why was there so much blood? Luckily, that’s not where the action ends for Claptrap fans—not even close! Once the grisly scene is sufficiently played for laughs and all present characters have delivered their spicy one-liners, woah, the spunky little guy’s voice just keeps prattling on! Hey vault hunter! Hahahahaha! Oh God!

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, describes this feature as “Oh God, the console is off, where is it coming from?” Wow! Talk about a love letter to the fans! Watch out Gearbox, keep strolling down “fanservice lane” and soon enough we’ll be seeing Mad Moxxi’s real grenade mods if you know what I’m saying! Zoinks!

As always, the new Borderlands is chock full of beautiful scenery, terrifying enemies, and of course, loads and loads of guns, which could possibly be used to end this suffering! The attention to detail is as flawless as ever, with the real highlight of the experience being Claptrap’s mangled metal corpse that seems to follow you wherever you go! At least you think it’s following you! It wasn’t there a second ago, but maybe it’s always been there! The little robot’s brutalized form—and now that you think about it, the entire game—only ever seems to move when your back is turned, continuing into your nightmares, and whenever you close your eyes! What a clever mechanic!

Naysayers describe Claptrap’s role in the game as a maddening, haunting presence that just won’t leave, but apparently they’ve never played Borderlands! Oh, they actually haven’t played it? They can hear him too? God has forsaken us. Make sure to pick up the new Borderlands when it drops later this year!