But Are The Mario Bros. Brothers In Christ?

Sure, everyone knows that these newfangled Mario and Luigi characters are two of the most well-known faces in today’s secular “pop” culture. The media mega-industry mass-produces Nintendo’s iconic mascots left and right, but mostly left, if you catch my drift. A disturbing number of Americans, including many Christians, have become smitten with the franchise without really thinking too deeply about it. And while I admit those charming cartoon mustaches are disarming, someone has to ask the hard questions, and I guess that someone is going to be me. The question of the hour is this: are the Mario Bros. brothers in Christ?

Not all secular media is evil, but what we consume is what we put back in the world, so it’s our job as Christians to make sure we’re eating right. Let’s review what we know:

  • Mario is from Italy, a majority-Christian nation, so there’s a strong possibility that he is a follower of Christ. However, there’s an equally strong possibility that he simply goes to church and identifies as Christian for the cultural and social advantages, and has not truly given his life to God in his heart. Do we ever see Mario pray? No.
  • Mario’s archrival is Bowser, who could be construed as this universe’s metaphor for Lucifer. Whatever the symbolism behind it, Mario is often seen riding go-karts and playing sports with this obviously evil man. While the Lord calls us to practice forgiveness in our lives, I’m troubled to see that Bowser has not professed any change of heart whatsoever and continues to kidnap the princess despite Mario’s never-ending grace and love. Perhaps he truly is Lucifer, but then, why is Mario riding go-karts with him at all?
  • Mario is a plumber: an honest worker who provides a service of real substance to ordinary, everyday people, unlike the liberal talk show comedians and social media influencers who are so prevalent these days. This reflects humility and willingness to serve, both qualities that Jesus demands of His chosen people.
  • Luigi is an outspoken occultist and self-identifies as a warlock. His book, God is Dead: And Good Riddance is slated for release this summer.

Overall, there’s simply not enough information to reach a definitive conclusion. If the Lord lays it on your heart that it’s okay to play Mario games, who am I to tell you differently? Still, I would advise all of God’s people not to simply go with the flow of what our culture says is right, but to look towards achieving His will in our daily lives.

Kirby, on the other hand, flies in the face of God and all of His teachings.

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