Broke Friend Diehard Destiny 2 Fan All Of A Sudden

“Hey, you guys playing Destiny 2 still?” asks local Discord server resident Matt “Xeboro” Patera. “Been playing it since last night, you guys should really give it a shot.”

Other members of the Discord observed that Patera’s sudden interest in the year-old title seems to coincide very conveniently with Activision’s current promotion to provide the game for free to users. In response to this, Patera claimed, “No, fellas! I’ve been a Destiner since the beginning! It’s kind of like World of Warcraft meets Call of Duty, right? I’ve played one of those!”

Activision’s Destiny 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Bungie, the developers of the good Halo games. Reception to the PC release has been mixed, which may explain the publisher’s decision to open up the player base by offering the game for free for a limited time.

Unfortunately, Patera has had a hard time finding anyone to play the new, one-year-old title with, as the majority of players are already starting to fall into the late-expansion lull of Forsaken, the game’s latest content release. Luckily, LFG threads saturated with Warframe and Paladins players have cropped up on the r/Destiny2 Reddit for late adopters such as Patera to take advantage of.

“Obviously I’ve always been a huge fan of the Destiny franchise,” Patera insisted in an official statement. “I can’t wait to get back into it and revisit the classic voice acting of Peter Dinklage.” Patera has since learned that Activision does not include any of the game’s three expansions in the promotion, and has seemingly lost interest.