Board Games That Would Be Really Fun If I Had Different Friends

Do you ever get that feeling that this board game you’re playing would be way better if you were in a different social circle? I know I have. Here’s the list of games I have played where I wished I could be playing with literally anyone else.


This board game has a history of creating rifts in friendships already, but it truly is my favorite. My experiences playing this game with my current friend group have left a tarnished relationship, as everyone else takes offense to my playstyle. Yes, using all the house pieces for my properties leaving none for anyone else is a perfectly valid strategy. And no, Alice, you cannot use a substitution; only the official parts given.

Monopoly™ Again

Monopoly™ is not just the best board game, it is the only board game that matters. It’s a shame none of my other colleagues can see this as the truth. Once Kyle brought over Monopoly™: Super Electronic Banking Edition. Blasphemy! My household only accepts Monopoly™ boards printed before the year 2008, before they changed the rules to make it “easier to play in one sitting.” My opinions may have been the catalyst leading to everyone distancing themselves from me, but I know others are out there that appreciate this game with my same ambition.


I normally do not sway from my sky blue plaque, but it was imperative I find others to partake in game night frivolity. After messages not of my own will made themselves apparent, I swiftly replaced the Ouija board with Monopoly™. The tiny metal wheelbarrow and thimble moved themselves to the GO corner. I knew the game was on. To my dismay, as the first piece landed on Income Tax, the poltergeist maneuvered the money from his cash pile and tucked the bills underneath the Free Parking space. These specters have no respect for the rules. This issue must be dealt with accordingly.


I know this technically isn’t a board game, but I couldn’t help but feel that this would be a fun activity for a group in the mood for a seance or an Evil Dead themed party. My peers are not into B-rated horror films or the fact I have purchased books bound in the flesh of man. Regardless, I must banish these uncultured “house rules” spirits from my lieu. So if you excuse me… begone demons! I banish thee to the deepest realms of Hell! Do not pass GO! Do not collect $200!

Mouse Trap™

Moved into my brother’s place after the failed exorcism and my nephew introduced this game to me. Not gonna lie, this is surprisingly fun for a kid’s game, although he would much rather throw that metal marble at my head than actually play. Keep it up Tommy; you will just be one more victim to the Necronomicon™.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope that this article has been at least therapeutic to my kin out there who also have totally lame friends who aren’t up for some high stakes, banished-to-the-spirit-realm-if-you-lose Monopoly™. 

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