Blizzard Invites Entire Playerbase To Battle For Azeroth Beta Except Greg

“If I’m being honest, this can’t be a mistake. I mean, right? They just have to hate me for some reason, right? Do you think they read all of my Reddit posts?”

So says Greg Mathers, who was fairly sore to find out on Friday he was the only World of Warcraft player in existence not to be invited to the Battle For Azeroth expansion. Amidst scores of forum and social media posts praising Blizzard for its openness in sharing the expansion progress with its playerbase, Greg’s Reddit post, titled “Uh?” stands out alone. As of the writing of this article, there has not been another player found anywhere on Earth who was not invited to the beta.

“I sent in a support ticket, and they just sent me back a Mists of Pandaria CD key. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? Are they saying they hold some kind of grudge because I skipped that expansion? I didn’t want to play their furry panda shit. Wait, no, please don’t print that, they already have enough on me as it is.”

Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, has been in closed alpha and beta since February, and has gradually opened to more and more players over time preceding the expansion’s launch on August 14.

“I just feel like it’s not fair. I mean, I’ve been paying my thirty dollar monthly subscription since I joined,” said a frustrated Mathers.

We didn’t tell him.

“If we’re being honest, yeah, he’s not getting one no matter what,” claims the Blizzard executive we spoke to, who asked to remain nameless. “Maybe if he’d opened some of those Heroes of the Storm emails we sent him, but… it’s too late now for that.”

“What I really didn’t appreciate was how they sent beta codes to everyone on the US census list besides myself. Like, that’s clearly an omission they made on purpose. I get that they might want to get people beyond the current playerbase, right, maybe to stress test a little, but I’ve been playing since Burning Crusade. I earned an invite.”

“No he didn’t,” responds the Blizzard executive that we spoke to.

“My friend Andrew got a beta key. He played the starter edition for 12 minutes, called it ‘gay,’ and never played a video game again. They’re letting him play as zombie-Varian. It’s bullshit.

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