Bethesda: Okay, But That Cover Of Country Roads Was Dope Though, Right? Guys?

Fallout 76 released on the 14th of this month, and so far prospects aren’t looking good. User scores for the title all sit well below 50 percent, and videos on YouTube harshly criticizing the experience are garnering millions of views. The final nail isn’t in the coffin quite yet for 76—which is currently already 25 dollars off—but the game’s survival will rely on how Bethesda implements changes to the game over the following months. In the face of this controversy, however, Bethesda has released a statement, asking that we all just admit that the cover of Country Roads they did was pretty dope, though.

“Look, we’re not going to get into it with you guys right now about the state of 76,” the statement begins. “But can we all just collectively get together and at least acknowledge how tight that Country Roads cover was? With the fiddle, and everything? I mean, we’re not trying to jack ourselves off here or anything, but I think we all know that we pretty much nailed that one. Are we right? Guys?”

Bethesda’s statement didn’t address the buggy state of the game upon release, or the public outcry from the Fallout community regarding the lack of story included in 76; it did, however, try to remind us how fucking tight the part was where the chorus kicked in and the fiddle in the background just kind of started doing its own thing. “We’re pretty sure we ‘took it home’ with that one, if you get what we’re saying,” the release continues.

Country Roads, originally made popular by folk legend John Denver, appears prominently in the Fallout 76 reveal trailer. It’s performed by New York doo-wop group Spank, and is currently available on iTunes for 99 cents, which will also be the cost of Fallout 76 during Bethesda’s Christmas sale.