Behind The Scenes Of Nerfwire’s $4 Million Debut Podcast

It’s one for the ages—after rigorous production, two rounds of investment, and approval from The Vatican Board of Podcasting, the Nerfwire Podcast is finally available on Spotify, Apple Music, Stitcher Smart Radio, Soundcloud, YouTube, and more. We couldn’t have done this without our technical broadcasting team, advertising team, production team, and a special shout-out to Kevin Hart, who played the part of our writer Lucas Remington in the podcast.

We wanted to do a quick Behind the Scenes look into the production of what Newsweek is calling “the media event of the new decade” to show podcast-wannabes the do’s and the don’ts of embarking on a digital journey of this magnitude. Let’s show you where the money went:

$140: It all starts with the right equipment. Now, if you’ve listened to the podcast already, you’ll know that this isn’t where we put our full investment; microphone quality will be improving in further episodes. As a result, we purchased several trusty Samson Go Mics, each at $35.

$60: It’s important to use the right software to mix the podcast together; as a result, we splurged a little bit, and found a dark web link for a hell of a deal on the open-source program Audacity, at only 60 bucks.

$170: Aaron’s new gaming chair. Lumbar support directly translates into comedy output.

~$3,999,000: Kevin Hart booking fees, agent fees, and contract fees because Lucas said he couldn’t record on Sunday, but any other day of the week, and we were on a really tight schedule.

$30: Can’t forget the snacks!

Your mileage may vary when it comes to these costs, but we think we really kept this one down to the essentials. Looking to check out the fruits of our labor? Check out the Nerfwire podcast now on YouTube, or via RSS, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon Prime Music, Hulu, or Nick @ Night on Thursdays at 10/9 central. 

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