Before Leaving Blizzard, Teary-Eyed Jeff Kaplan Nerfs Mercy One Last Time

Former Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan announced today that he’ll be departing from Blizzard Entertainment after years of bringing joy, memes, and unprovoked balance changes to the Overwatch community. Since the game’s release in 2016, Jeff has been the face of the Overwatch team, and now, he brings us one last bittersweet memory: before he left the office today, he nerfed Mercy one final time.

“Mercy’s base health is now 125,” a misty-eyed Kaplan announced as he took his hat and coat from off the rack. “It’s been such a wonderful privilege getting to make Overwatch with you all. I’ll never forget the memories I made along the way. Her blaster also no longer deals headshot damage. Goodbye.”

On the outside looking in, this may seem like a final, low blow to Mercy mains, but that isn’t how it’s been viewed by the support community. “That son of a bitch,” said Mercy main and r/Overwatch_Porn moderator David Gibbs, begrudging respect in his voice. “After a five-year game of cat and mouse, this is how he makes his exit. Bravo, Kaplan,” he continued, uninstalling Overwatch. “Bravo.” 

Kaplan reportedly donned his coat and walked off into the sunset, on to bigger and better things, allowing all Genji mains to release the breath they’d been holding.

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