Banksy Perler Bead Art Sells At Convention For 1.7 Dollars

Art collectors, be ready to pick your jaws up off of the floor! It was announced that Banksy’s latest work of art, a perler bead “sculpture,” sold recently at a video game convention for one hundred and seventy cents. Converting that to USD, that’s 1.7 dollars!

Brandon Vieth, the founder of the negative joystick convention now known as ConConCon, was as amazed as the rest of us, saying: “to be honest, a lot, and I mean a lot of people go to conventions like ours to sell their shitty, badly ironed perler bead art. But I walked into the convention early on Saturday and saw an immaculate custom sprite of Link from A Link to the Past flipping us off, and I knew it was special. Once Banksy’s people reached out to us confirming it was the real deal, we put it up for purchase, and the offers went wild!”

The winning bidder, Seth Landis, was excited to show it off to the twos of people who were there trying to buy this one-of-a-kind piece, shouting with glee over the sounds of a Dance Dance Revolution machine with the volume too high.

We do want to thank Landis for inviting us, unprompted, to his residence to see the other artworks he’s purchased at conventions, such as a custom Funko Pop of Shovel Knight made by Salvador Dalí and some furry art featuring Aero the Acrobat, painted by Pablo Picasso.

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