Azeroth Historians Shocked At Atrocities Committed Upon Native Quilboar Population

While most know the Barrens as the modern-day home of the Horde’s orcs, few have reckoned with the full history of how that came to be. While Horde history classes speak mostly of peaceful relations with the native Razormane tribe of quilboar, many historians were initially shocked to learn of the atrocities committed against the indigenous population, even going so far as to call it genocide.

“I warn you, some of these images may be… disturbing,” warns professor of Horde studies at Orgrimmar University Grondorsh Knifeblade. “In this picture, we can see a tauren druid desecrating the corpse of a quilboar for his tusks. We think these were used as some sort of trophy. Shockingly, these butchers would scavenge anything they could from the corpses of their victims, and then sell them. Or disenchant them if they were greens. In this picture, we see a life-challenged warlock rooting through a quilboar for his bloodstones. Some believed that these stones could make them more powerful or ‘buff’ them. We will now examine the overhunting which led to the extinction of the zhevra, clefthoof, and plainstriders.”

Professor Knifeblade has recently published a book on the Horde’s relationship with the quilboar. Particular focus has been on a mysterious orcish man named Mankrik, who many historians believe framed the murder of his wife on quilboar in order to justify further violence upon them.

Not everyone is quite so sympathetic towards the quilboar, however. “It’s made up, how can you all be so stupid?” yells popular troll supremacist HordeTuber Ag’Cho Jones into his webcam. “The so-called ‘genocide’ of the quilboar is a complete lie, fabricated in order to force us to give the quilboar the Barrens back as land. These same people tried to make us believe that we completely eradicated the naga, Lost Ones, and murlocs, but we know that’s more Alliance-pandering taurenshit. Those guys are all bought off by the cucks over at Stormwindustries. Anyway, this video is brought to you by Venture Co.” Jones was later seen on the campus of Orgrimmar University attempting to coax students into a debate about whether draenei should be allowed to immigrate into the Badlands or not.

At press time, historians were examining, with horror, mass graves of gnomes who were unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with leprosy and then killed with extreme prejudice.

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