AMD VS Intel: Who Makes The Best Pizza?

You know the old story—Intel is better for performance, and AMD is better for value. However, AMD had yet another big year this year flipping the script with their Ryzen line, providing incredible performance and price and leaving Intel scrambling to hold on to market share. Ultimately, this begs the question: does Intel still make the best pizza? Or has AMD pulled ahead in this regard too, maybe doing something with the crust? Today, Nerfwire intends to find out.

AMD was quick to respond, sharing exciting insights into their new pizza-making process. “It’s been another year of redefinition for our brand, and we’re proud of the Ryzen launch and the impact it’s made both to the market and to enthusiasts looking for a high-performance build on a budget. This year, we looked to achieve the same thing with our pizza: keeping a bit of our past by always using fresh, locally and responsibly sourced ingredients, while also adapting to the ever-changing pizza market by offering several price tiers of pizza, ranging from plain cheese to Meat Lover Supreme, to make sure any level of pizza performance is accessible to every user.”

AMD isn’t just tooting their horn here. Their new pizza line-up looks like a powerful contender, and Intel is really going to have to step things up to compete. We say this especially for their top-of-the-range Meat Lover Supreme, which features a new Infinity Fabric marinara sauce that evenly coats the entire pizza, making sure to lock in moisture to keep the chicken, bacon, pepperoni, and 24 CPU cores (that’s 48 logical threads!) tender and delicious.

Intel’s lineup is a little sparse this year, reflecting their performance in the hardware battle the two companies have been clashing in for 2019. “Intel Corporation is a multinational semiconductor manufacturer that designs and integrates processors for consumer and private use. We do not, and have never previously made pizza.”

It looks like the winner by default is AMD. Nerfwire would like to make an honorable mention to their mid-range option, the Cheeseripper Pepperoni Stuffed Crust, which at an attractive $220 price point is both delicious and provides ample gaming and workstation performance for enthusiasts and professionals alike AND a free sriracha drizzle. Make sure to tune in next month for Samsung vs Apple: Who Can Be The Better Father To Their Stepson?

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