Amazing Console Mod: This Guy Made Game Boy Completely Stationary

Before the Switch, there was the Game Boy: the groundbreaking console that helped Nintendo revolutionize gaming forever. But now, a fan has revolutionized it all over again by modifying his console to become the world’s first-ever fully stationary Game Boy. Talk about epic!

Instagram user Damon Ronson posted a pic of his custom console, and it’s totally mind-blowing. Nerfwire got in touch with the gaming genius to find out how he did it.

“First thing I done was weld the back of the Game Boy to a ten-foot steel pole,” Ronson explained. “Drove that pole nine feet into the ground, filled it in with cement. Fucker’s not going anywhere.”

You can say that again! This truly is a world first. Other console modders have tried to make Game Boys less portable in the past, by bolting them to a large steel plate or stapling them to a wall. But nobody’s ever taken it as far as Ronson.  

“Yeah nah, never liked portable games,” said Ronson. “Don’t trust ‘em. Where you tryin’ to run off to? Now, if I wanna play Game Boy, I know exactly where it is.”

That’s just one of the benefits of Ronson’s custom console. It’s also theft-proof, can never get lost, and it can only be played if you lie flat down on your stomach on the ground. Awesome!

“My wife said I’m a fuckin’ idiot for this,” Ronson admitted. “But now I can play as much Pokemon Blue as I want, in exactly the same location every time. Well, until the power runs out. Haven’t figured out how to replace the batteries yet.”