Agnostic PUBG Players Believe 15x PM II Scope Could Exist

“I’ve heard the stories,” user AgentOtter6 says, “but seeing is believing.”

The seldom seen but infamous 15x PM II scope in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a thing of legend—and according to some players, a pie-in-the-sky story. “It was just invented by Brendan Greene to keep us down, man,” says user HanTrollo44. “I’ve had my fair share of air drops, buddy. Not a single 15x. Ghillie suit, sure. Saw two 8x’s in there once. But never a 15x. Why? Doesn’t exist.”

When pressed on the subject, Brendan Greene (PlayerUnknown) is quoted as saying, “Yeah, it’s in there. It’s just rare. Is this up for debate even?”

Stories of the 15x PM II can be found in all corners of the internet, from Reddit to Twitch and everywhere in between. “Oh, I’ve used it alright,” user El_Bad claims. “It’s a zoom like you’ve never even seen. You can see the pores on a man’s nose from across the map. You get a little closer? You see into his soul. Who he is, who he wants to be, where he’s going. I looked through that scope and I saw God. I saw God, and he was me.”

When asked if he’d ever used the scope, streamer Shroud replied, “Yeah, a couple times.”

Dataminers claim to have proof of the elusive scope’s existence, pointing to files clearly labeled in connection with the scope in the game’s code. Hard proof, or just another red herring? For now, the mystery remains unsolved.