A 12 Year Old In CoD Told Me He Fucked My Mom, So Now She’s A Registered Sex Offender

It’s not the kind of thing you ever want to hear, but it’s the kind of thing you need to take seriously. I know that for sure. This is the woman who raised me, who fed me when I was hungry, clothed me when I was cold. If not for her, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. Even now, I still have trouble letting it set in. But it happened to me, and it could happen to you, too.

Let me set the scene—I’m sitting in a lobby, waiting for a game to start, and this young kid starts arguing with me. It all seemed pretty normal at first. I don’t even remember exactly how it happened, it all went so fast, but one thing led to another, and he must have just broken down. He admits something really close to his heart—he tells me that he fucked my mom.

There I am, sitting on my couch, just shellshocked. This poor kid must have come online here just to find me, just to get that off of his chest. By the sound of it, he was 10, 11 tops. My own mother—I still try not to think about it too much.

I took action. Got the authorities involved. As the information rolled in, I began to see the web of lies my Mother had spread over the years. We live in Washington state, and this kid lives in New Mexico. The sheer magnitude of planning that must have gone into it—hiding her travel from her family, destroying the paper trail, just to prey on this kid.

It gets crazier, too—she must have really gotten into this kid’s head. I heard him loud and clear in the courtroom, saying things like “I’ve never seen this woman before in my life,” and “I’ve never been touched inappropriately by an adult.” She had him wrapped around her finger.

I mourn his innocence.

There was no indictment—she almost got off scot-free. Luckily, now she’s a registered sex offender, and isn’t allowed to play any online games, which she claims she has “never once done before.”

The kid is doing good, I hear. I haven’t seen him on CoD for the longest time. Honestly, I hardly play anymore—too many skeletons in that closet. And yet, I still keep it installed, just to remind me that no matter how innocent someone may seem, there could be anything lurking beneath.

That kid couldn’t play Deathmatch to save his life, though.

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