11 Hilarious WoW Jokes That Will Isolate You From Your Friends And Family

Do you love World of Warcraft? That’s okay, a lot of people do. But not nearly enough to make the following jokes funny to a wide audience! Here are eleven World of Warcraft jokes that will isolate you from your friends and family.

1. Why didn’t the warrior cross the road? No path available.
This humorous reference to WoW’s pathing mechanics and their application to the frequently mistargeted spell Heroic Leap is sure to confuse your parents who can barely operate Skype without your help!

2. How does Naxxramas fly? With its four wings.
Get it? Naxxramas, the magically floating citadel of death, has four separate wings to clear! That’s just downright silly to a freak like you who gets the joke! You actually going to eat dinner with the family today?

3. What do noobs and rogues have in common? They both pick locks.
What a zinger! Warlock really is a common class among newer players, and your friends who play Apex Legends without you will be surely not be charmed by this little nugget of comedy! Hahahaha!

4. What is the sound a GM makes when answering a ticket? I don’t know, but I will tell in 37 days when I get a response.
Gee whiz, this one is even funnier in the wake of the recent mass layoffs which cost so many notable GMs their jobs! Don’t wanna bum out your squad by telling them that one!

5. A dwarf walks out of a bar…
Yeehaw! Now that’s one for the boys (who all just happen to be better friends with each other than with you)!

6. How do you know someone’s been playing since Vanilla? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.
This one is always sure to get a laugh from your guildies while doing nothing to improve your already strained Christmas trip home!

7. Someone picked Mekkatorque’s pocket yesterday and stole his wallet. How could someone stoop so low?
Gnomes are short, and so is your father’s patience.

8. What do you call it if paladins and druids share a bath? A HoT tub with Bubbles.
This joke only works over text, but that’s okay for someone like you, isn’t it?

9. Why wasn’t Deathwing invited to any parties? He was dragon everyone down.
You and Deathwing have a lot in common, but I bet he finished college.

10. What’s the abbreviation for Death Knight? Decay.
Talked to your sister lately?

11. Why are the Illidari so muscular? Lord Illidan knows the whey.
Whey as in whey protein. Google it.

Thanks to the WoW community for coming up with these jokes. Actually, we take it back.